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1/2 June 2015

Starting at 9h


Berlin, Germany

Me Collectors Room

Take a look at We Are Museums 2014 in Warsaw:

We Are Museums 2014 (Warsaw, Poland) from WeAreMuseums on Vimeo.

Sharing is living

We Are Museums is for people who believe that the power of innovation and creativity is essential for museums to grow and expand. Join us for 2 days in Poland to share our insights on how to create a new way of living museums. We Are Museums is a moment for art lovers, a unique blend of conference, workshop sessions, exhibition and art. WE BELIEVE that to remain relevant, museums and cultural institutions must evolve constantly in response to their environment and audiences. And now, WHY should you attend?

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IKEA Museum (SE)
Thibaut Thomas (FR)
Katarzyna Trojanek from Qumak (PL)
Halina Gottlieb (SE)
Marta Olszewska from Vastari (PL)
Qulto - Discovering Collections (HU)

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